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Innovative solutions, Unlimited applications

Safety & Consistency

Food safety is our primary concern. That is why our in-house laboratory is ISO 17.025 accredited, which is unique in the egg processing industry. This ensures consistent quality and safety of our egg powders.
A food safe ingredient will not automatically provide you with a satisfactory end product. Therefore, we meticulously test the performance of our egg powders in the end application


All egg products have a background story. Thanks to our Trackker system, we know all there is to know about the eggs we process, including their region of origin, the farm that produced them, the chicken feed which has been used etc.  This valuable information enables us to maintain a consistent quality of our egg powders

Worldwide deliveries

From our warehouse in the Netherlands we offer DDP shipments throughout the European Union, the Russian Federation and Turkey. From the SKM offices in India, Japan and Moscow we are covering South-East Asia, the Middle East and Japan.

Sustainable choice

Minimizing our CO2 output is of utmost importance to us. To achieve this, we already use wind power for 50% of our energy requirements. Reduction of packaging and transportation is a very important part of our sustainability policy as well.
We always look for cutting edge technology to upgrade our existing equipment and to further decrease our CO2.

SKM Europe is KAT certified:

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